24-Ball Bingo is now open daily from 9 AM – midnight.

To read the rules of the game, click here.


Watch this short video so you can learn how to play 24-Ball Bingo. It’s super easy and super fun for everyone!

Set Up Your Game

  • Every morning 24 balls are dropped and those 24 balls are the set of numbers for the day.
  • You buy in, for a minimum of $5.00 (located at the Nevada Window)
  • Choose a monitor (non-smoking/smoking seating)
  • Enter the code printed on the receipt, hit ENTER
  • Assure your credit amount matches your buy in amount

Playing 24-Ball Bingo

  • Choose your bet amount
  • You will see 3 cards are given and watch 24 balls drop
  • The game lets you know if you have BINGO
  • If you tap CLAIM BINGO > you are rewarded as more credit
  • If you tap DUMP CARDS > you are choosing to be done with those 3 cards
  • If you tap BUY CARDS > you are choosing to play your next 3 cards at the bet amount you have chosen
  • If there is an existing Bingo the card will change purple and you can not dump your card until you find your BINGO.
  • Find and tap the purple card with the highest pay out Bingo. You can not dump your cards until the Bingo is claimed.
  • Enjoy 24-Ball Bingo

Claim Your Prize

  • When you tap EXIT please make sure you are completely logged out of your monitor.
  • You can EXIT your monitor and move to another monitor at anytime. Use the same receipt number and your existing credits will appear.
  • When you EXIT to be done playing 24-Ball Bingo you must cash in your credits within the same day of said receipt. If you do not cash in your credits they are of no value any other day.
  • Bring receipt back to the 24-Ball Window (aka Nevada Window) and Staff will cash you out.
  • If for any reason your 24-Ball BINGO monitor freezes this is indicating another player has WON A JACKPOT. ONLY after a jackpot NEW 24 Balls will be drawn to play.