“At Six Nations Bingo our mission never waivers. Facilitating an environment that is fair, respectful, and customer service oriented is our ultimate priority. For both our community and the experience of our guests, these are the values we strive to uphold.”


The six nations bingo tradition began over 40 years ago. Things were much simpler in the early days, bingo nights were hosted in the old community hall with only one weekly session being hosted on Monday nights. Corn niblets were used instead of bingo chips, special jackpots were unheard of, and $40 was considered to be a huge prize.

Over the years a lot has changed. From our humble beginnings we have grown into the largest bingo hall in the region, featuring the latest in bingo technology and regular jackpot offerings in the five figures. In spite of this tremendous growth, we’ve held steadfast to our original purpose of raising money for the community. With a running total of over $4M in donations so far, we are a proud and prominent supporter of local non profits. We will continue to support our community into the future, as 40% of our annual profits are reserved for the support of community based causes and initiatives.