If you are new to bingo, you may find that playing at Six Nations Bingo is a little different than when you played as a child. It is still extremely fun and straight forward, but there are a couple added features. Before you arrive to play, please read through our Rules and Regulations section to get the best bingo experience!

1. Before You Arrive

Choose which program you want to attend – Matinee, Evening, Twilight, Late Night, Super Sunday, or Monster Bingo.  It is best to arrive 30 minutes early to ensure that you have enough time to purchase your package and get comfortable.  You may bring your own dabber or purchase one at the hall.

2. Choosing a Bingo Package

Decide if you just want to play paper bingo or machine bingo.  Note: you still play paper sheets with the machines.

As a beginner, the best option to choose for regular bingo is a standard big book package for $12.00 and you can purchase additional specials at the sponsor booth or from a floor runner.

If you’re playing with a machine, the best option is a standard machine package for $55.00, which includes 1 big book, 1 of each special, 1 warm up, Toonie, and Big Bucks.  If you want to play using a machine, pick one up with a green light from the opposite wall of the sponsor booth windows before heading to the booth.  Read more about machine packages here.

3. At the Sponsor Booth

If you choose to play at the sponsor booth, the best thing to do is tell our friendly staff you’re new!  Ask them to explain the best package options, bingo sheets, warm ups and extra strips, and program guide.  After purchase, sign your receipt and make sure to have a bingo sheet book, warm ups and extra strips, program guide with a marker, and Bonanza strip.

4. In the Hall

Choose between smoking and non-smoking sections, find a seat where you have a good view of the caller TV’s, game numbers board and Bonanza board.

5. Program Sheet

Read through your program sheet and simply raise your hand if you have any questions, and one of our staff will come by to help.

6. Setting Up

Lay out your bingo book and refer to the program sheet to become familiar with the colour codes, the order of  games, and where your specials fit in the book according to your program.

Big Bucks Numbers:

  • As seen on the outside of the program sheet, there are 9 regular games in your program for every session. If you BUY into Big Bucks you then refer to the numbers on the Big Bucks board located by the sponsor booth inside the smoking section. You can then write in the number in order according to the program.
  • If you BINGO on that number beside your game you win an extra $2000.00 along with your regular game winnings. When you Bingo your runner will ask if you have bought into Big Bucks and this will be verified by your signed receipt.

Bonanza Card:

  • Open your Bonanza card (PINK with logo > loto bingo) and proceed to dab the 49 numbers on the BONANZA board.
  • Replacement cards available.
  • When the caller calls a Bonanza number, dab it on your Bonanza game sheet.  It means:
    • If no one calls Bingo when the Bonanza games starts the Caller will proceed to call a 50th number and so on until Bingo is called.


  • After purchasing your package, the machine will automatically load and play along with your paper sheets. If your machine wins you will hear a ROOSTER CROW and you are responsible for yelling BINGO and raising your hand, a runner will come to verify your Bingo

If you would like a runner to insert your specials into your packages, please raise your hand and ask for assistance.

7. Time to Play!

When the caller calls the Toonie number, write that number in the top right corner of your program sheet.

  • The Toonie number is the first number that comes out of the Caller Machine on the FIRST REGULAR If you Bingo on that number, you win the progressive jackpot! Progressive jackpots depend on how many people buy in. When you Bingo your runner will ask if you have bought into Toonie number and this will be verified by your signed receipt.

Follow along with the Caller by dabbing the corresponding numbers they call.  Use the number boards to double check which numbers have been called and see the winning patterns.

Note: two different winning patterns are played on each bingo sheet, do not discard before the caller says to switch. Follow your program and at any time raise your hand and ask a runner for assistance.


When you think you correctly dabbed the winning pattern, yell “BINGO!” and raise your hand so that a staff member can come verify your win.  When playing on a machine, when you hear your machine crow like a rooster, raise your hand and yell “BINGO!”

The Callers will move quickly so it is important to pay attention and dab accurately and efficiently!  Never be too shy to ask for help!

All of Six Nations staff members are efficient and are mandated to be certified in customer service, first aid/CPR/AED, safe food handling, and lateral violence.